About Us

About Us
Heraposh is a Korean clothing line officially launched in March of 2016. Heraposh aims to be the best Korean casual fashion brand at a very competitive price range. Capturing market trends and innovation in colors and designs, it gives the feel of a Korean look through its online store with nationwide coverage. For its apparel, Heraposh indulges the topmost attention from material selection to an extraordinary customer service satisfaction. Heraposh aims its clients to be magnificently unique, and our team does everything we can to find their distinct style. We gather items from multiple Korean suppliers and put our own Heraposh touch. We are committed to providing free and other sizes at the same price to ensure clients’ satisfaction and gratification. We are certain that style, price, and impact shouldn’t be compromised in any ways. So, Heraposh establishes goals to meet the demands of its clients. We target to bring the latest Korean apparel in the Philippines direct from our reputable suppliers all year round. Heraposh also works with its Korean and Filipino models to ensure the representation it wants to project to its clients—authentic Korean style.

Heraposh aspires to be the go-to brand when it comes to Korean fashion in the Philippines. We endeavor to provide remarkable services, reasonable prices, and incredible trends to our target market.

Heraposh aims to bring out the best in every woman, to help her express her individuality and build her confidence through the clothes she wears. It envisions offering and delivering stylish women's clothing for any trendsetter's wardrobe at an affordable price range.