Your Guide to Getting The Perfect Korean Summer Look

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With K-Pop music and K-Dramas constantly on the rise, it’s no secret that Korean idols and actors have become modern-day fashion icons. These celebrities are setting unique trends that everyone wants to follow. We all want to look as cute as K-Dramas’ main female leads or as fierce as the members of the newest girl group. But how can we pull off these looks effortlessly? With summer on the way, here is our guide to simple Korean summer fashion must-haves that are sure to give you that effortless Korean look under the sun and have the oppas’ hearts fluttering everywhere.

Mix Style and Comfort

Korean summer fashion blends style with comfort. Just because you want to look pretty doesn’t mean you have to suffer under the heat. An off-shoulder blouse allows you to look feminine without all the extra layers, while a simple T-shirt can exude a more casual, laidback aura. Flowy skirts are another great way to showcase your girly charms without sacrificing movement. Sundresses can also give you a fun and carefree vibe, while a pair of ripped denim shorts allow you to soak up all that summer heat while looking effortlessly cool.

On-The-Go Footwear

Summer breaks often mean going on vacations and being on the road most of the time. This also means getting out of the rented van and walking for a few miles to see the sights and take pictures. It’s very important to wear footwear that can handle all that walking around your favorite vacation spots, whether it be on a concrete road or on grassy fields. A simple but stylish pair of sneakers is great for those trips. Sandals also fit the summer weather and vibe and can provide comfort for casual strolls around the park or on the beach.

Blend the Right Colors and Patterns

Korean summer fashion means bright, cheerful, and sunny like our favorite girl groups and their cute dance routines. Get into the summer mood using the right blend of shades and hues. A bright yellow shoulder bag coupled with sunglasses, a chic sun hat, and a floral print dress will have you all set. Or perhaps that cute red swimsuit you’ve been dying to wear to the beach. All you need is a glass of iced tea and some rays of sunshine and you’ll be looking like summer in no time.

Most people think that they have to lather up in BB cream and dye their hair to get that Korean summer look. But really, it’s as simple as choosing the right clothes and accessories and mixing the right colors in order to nail that K-Drama main character aesthetic. Korean summer fashion doesn’t have to be too tricky, you just need to know what style fits you the best and gives you the best comfort under the sun. Couple that with a big smile and confidence and you’ll be pulling off that Korean summer look that makes all the boys swoon in no time.

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