Twice In Manila 2019

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     ONCE can skip this one, but we’re sure most of you will read on. Hey, if we missed any important detail, hit us up in the comments!

     Twice is a 9-member group under JYP Entertainment, formed together from a survival show called Sixteen. They made their debut with the catchy song OOH AHH in October 2015. Some say Twice is a product of multiple delays and debuts that didn’t happen. But we see it as something happening at the exact moment it’s supposed to happen. Can you imagine Twice without their current members? No, right?

     They have nine members, three of which are Japanese and one is Taiwanese. Talk about multinational and multicultural!

     Some of the girls have been featured in other JYPE artists’ music videos, like Stop Stop It and Girls Girls Girls, both by GOT7. Their official fan colors are apricot and magenta, as seen on their light sticks or candy bong as it is called. It currently has two versions, the second one was released just this year.

Quick facts about the members:


  • leader
  • longest trainee (10 years!)
  • she's allergic to pineapples


  • loves chocolates
  • most popular contestant in Sixteen
  • always, always, always finds the camera


  • featured in GOT7's Girls Girls Girls
  • looks gorgeous with short hair
  • has an actress sister


  • fake maknae
  • a huge Taeyeon fan
  • has a squishy bunny face


  • shortest and uwuest member
  • Korean maknae
  • likes to sleep (don't we all?)


  • 1/3 of the Japanese members
  • main dancer
  • appeared in GOT7's Stop Stop It MV


  • another Japanese member
  • included in the TC Candler "100 Most Beautiful Faces" list
  • has pollen allergy


  • shortest trainee period
  • hates carnival rides
  • youngest Japanese member


  • only Taiwanese member
  • maknae
  • visual

     Before we dance the night away to their very upbeat and cute songs, let us first calm our hearts and minds with their equally awesome B-side tracks. We've listed down some of our favorites. What's yours?

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