What to Wear During your Bachelorette Party

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If he likes it then he should put a ring on it – a wise woman named Beyonce once said. And if he already has, you have several things to plan and one of them is your bachelorette party!

A bachelorette party is more than just a normal girls night out. It is celebrated to commemorate your last days of singlehood. Since it is your last hoorah before you finally move on to another chapter of your life, make the most out of it! Look your best by wearing something different. Make sure you are the main attraction of the night by donning an eye-catching number. You should consider where and when you’ll be having your bachelorette. Based on those details, you can choose a style that is appropriate. You can even explore different trends like Korean street fashion, which is very trendy as of the moment.

To help you out, here are some Korean fashion outfits you may try out:

A unique party dress

You can get ideas from Krystal’s outfits in “Bride of The Water God”. Choose a comfortable dress you can wear for the whole night that also puts your distinguishing features on point. If you plan on clubbing, you can choose to go with a bodycon dress and highlight your curves or a swishy fringe dress that is perfect for a night of dancing. You can also never go wrong with a slip dress for a dinner out with your girls.

A fancy top and bottom

If you can’t find a dress that fits to your liking, then go for a separate top and bottom. With this, there are more to choose from. You can pair a sequin or sheer blouse with pants or be a hippie with flared pants and a fun halter top. For style inspirations, check out Lee Sung Kyung’s character in the “Cheese in the Trap” or Korean actress Jun Ji Hyun in “The Legend of The Blue Sea”.

A trustworthy bag

There are so many nice Korean girl fashion bags you can pair with your outfit. However, since you’ll be partying the night away, make sure to have a handy bag where you can store all your valuables. When we say all your valuables, it means your make-up for retouch, your phone, money, I.D., and your house keys. You don’t have to bring your whole dresser!

Also, don’t go for a bag too big since it would be too much of a hassle to bring it along while you’re dancing. Opt for a bag with a zipper if clubbing as you’d be swaying around people. You wouldn’t want to mess the night by losing stuff.

Comfortable shoes

It can’t be stressed enough how important comfortable shoes are! If you think you can spend the whole night standing on the shoes you’re considering to wear then go for it. If not, choose something else. Keep in mind that there are numerous fashionable yet comfy shoes to choose from!

Remember, this night is all about you. What’s important is that you feel confident and comfortable in what you’re wearing. After all, you are the one saying goodbye to your fashionable single self and hello to a more trendy, fabulous, and stylish married you.

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