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     Here at Heraposh, we keep updated with the latest fashion in Korea. It’s currently summer there so we went ahead and got these new summer clothes for you! Now, we know the Philippine weather is very fickle. Hot and cold, like that one Katy Perry song.

     Worry not, Heras!

     We made sure our clothes are suitable for our weather while keeping in mind that they should make you look well put together.

     This three-piece ensemble is a steal! You can wear Dahyun many ways: without the shirt, the shirt and skirt only, or the top matched with jeans or shorts. It’s totally up to you!

     The fabric is thin and breathable, perfect for the humid weather.

     Unless you’re in an air-conditioned room all the time, you wouldn’t bear to wear thick clothes. Enter Seulgi Floral Blouse. It’s made of thin chiffon material so the air can circulate in your body. The lace collar detail is just the right touch of vintage you need.

     The style is flexible too! You can wear it with jeans and sneakers or with loose pants and heels.

     Eyelet is a trendy fabric nowadays. The little embroidered holes make an outfit very cooling. No chance for sweat build up with Joy Eyelet Blouse because the air gets right through! Peplum is also a very trendy cut. Plus, if you have a straight or triangle body shape, it helps add volume to your hips too!

     Now this is a quirky Jooe dress, appropriately named after a quirky person. The material is denim, but it’s still not that thick to be too much for this weather. If you’re bold enough, you can wear it alone, but if you want to keep that sense of Korean style, we suggest you wear it with something underneath.

     A simple shirt will do but you can always use a frilly blouse if you want to up your game!

     If you like a flamboyant blouse, the Jihyo Blue Blouse might just be it for you. With its intricate embroidered designs, there’s hardly a need for accessories. The blouse is the accessory in itself! Plus, the peplum hem and the loose cut of the blouse helps you hide that just had lunch stomach. *wink wink*

     No, we won’t ask you to peel potatoes like Princess Sarah did. The Solar Cotton Dress is not your typical dress and the style isn’t for everyone, but you know why we included this in our collection? It’s because Koreans like the unconventional styles.

     It’s what makes a style Korean. They take unique pieces of clothing and make it work. And this dress is no exception! It looks great with a pair of white sneakers but it’s amazingly better with nude heels!

     The Jihyo Blue Blouse and Solar Cotton Dress are also available with 10% OFF. But you have to hurry. Discounts won't last forever!

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