What Colors Suit You Best? Let Your Undertone Tell You

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     Style has always been a very personal thing— we all have our personal preferences when it comes to the clothes we dress in—but it turns out, there’s also a little science to it. Did you ever wonder why you look better in some colors than you do in others? Or why gold jewelry just won’t flatter you the way silver does? The answer might have something to do with your skin’s undertone.

     Don’t worry, we didn’t know our skin had undertones either until makeup became the full-blown phenomenon it is now, but it’s actually quite an important aspect of our complexion. While the skin’s surface color, which are your lights, fairs, mediums, darks, and what have you, is what we often associate our complexion with, the undertone lies beneath the surface and affects our overall complexion just as much as the surface color does. There are three different possible undertones: cool, warm, and neutral, and you’re probably dying to know which one yours is. Fortunately, there are ways to tell. The easiest way is to simply look down at the veins in your arms. Blue and purple veins mean you’re most likely cool-toned,  meaning your skin has tints of pink or blue beneath the surface, while green veins mean you’re warm-toned, which means your skin has tints of peach, gold, or yellow. If you find it hard to tell the colors, or if your veins are a mix of blues and purples and greens, then you’re neutral-toned, meaning your skin is tinted either both or neither ways.

     Suffice to say, your undertone will affect how colors look on your skin. For cool-toned people, pastel and icy blues, pinks, and purples are your best friend. Soft, cool colors will complement your skin instead of bright, warm colors, which might wash you out and make you look pale. Check out these cute pieces that will make you look amazing!

From left to right: The Moira Set, Trisha Dress, and Hyolin Floral Romper

     As for warm-toned people, embrace the colors of nature! Bring some oranges, reds, yellows, greens, and browns into your wardrobe, they’re what you’ll look the best in. Although by nature we mean the summer kind—wintery blues and greys might look awkward on your warm-toned skin, so you might want to steer away from those. Redirect yourself to these pieces that will complement your skin instead!

From left to right: Lena Midi Slit Skirt, The Dorothy Set, and Vanessa Boho Dress

     For neutral-toned people, it’s your lucky day (or life, actually). Since your undertone is either a mix of cool and warm, or neither, you’ll look good in just about any color! Still, you might want to prefer the lighter and dustier versions of the color, since overly vibrant colors might overpower your skin tone, but even then you’ll find it easier to look for clothes that match you than your warm or cool-toned buddies. Here are a few clothes you’ll look cute in!

From left to right: Joy Eyelet Blouse, Jasmine Denim Dress, Katie Cotton Shorts

     Of course, while your undertone might tell you to dress in this or that way, your style is still in your hands. Whether your color inside the lines or outside, as long as you are confident in how you look, and carry yourself with a chin held high, you’ll look absolutely gorgeous.

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