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     We love our moms but sometimes, they can be a bit of a pain in the neck. We understand, though, that they’re doing it for us. Read on to see the hilarious and crazy things Pinoy moms say and see if your moms say this too!

When something hurts: “Kaka-computer mo yan”

     Leave it to moms to blame everything on your computer. You have a headache? It’s because you spend too much time on your computer! Your eyes hurt? Computer! You got injured? Computer! Heartbreak? Still computer!

When she’s mad at you: “Sumagot ka kapag kinakausap kita!”

     This is a trap. Just let them talk. Otherwise, you’ll hear this next: “Aba! Sumasagot ka na, ha!” Like... uhm, Mom, didn’t you just tell me to answer? This sums up your life as a kid. You can never win!

When you lost something: “Mata kasi ang ipanghanap mo, huwag bibig!”

     Here’s something we never really understood as kids. How the heck do moms find everything in the house? It’s more bizarre when you looked everywhere and didn’t see what you’re looking for and then they look at the same place and find it. Definitely one of earth’s best kept mysteries.

When you spend too much: “Ubos-ubos biyaya. Bukas ay nakatunganga.”

     This makes sense, though. We get so excited when we have money, we tend to spend on things we don’t need. Moms are used to budgeting money and knowing when they really need to spend. The sad part is, when you run out of money, they will just laugh at you and tell you, “I told you so!”

When no one wants to do the chores: “Aba aba, parang may katulong kayo ha!”

     As hard as it is to believe, moms do get tired too. They always look like they have a lot of energy because they constantly take care of the family, they nag, they repeatedly tell you specific instructions until they sink in, and they still have time to chat with the neighbors. But the truth is, they only rest when you’re resting. Sometimes, they still work until they’re too tired to do so.

When you leave your dirty clothes scattered somewhere: “Bakit may pinaglunuhan na naman ng ahas dito?”

     If your mom does your laundry, have a heart and put the dirty clothes on the laundry basket. It’s not that hard. Plus, it’ll save you from an earful of lecture.

When you went want to hang out with friends: “Saan ka na naman pupunta?!”

     Moms can be fickle sometimes. On one hand, they don’t want you inside the house because fewer people equals less litter, but they don’t want you out either. There’s no happy in between.

When you just got home: “Saan ka na naman galing?!”

     Even when you just told them where you’re going, they will always ask this when you get home. Worse is when you woke them up because they locked you out—your fault for staying out so late.

When they saw your friend: “Buti pa si ganito o si ganyan...”

     Don’t you just hate it when they start comparing you to this friend or that friend? But you know that no matter how much they complain about you, deep down, they don’t want anyone else to be their kids.

     Pinoy moms nag a lot. They act crazy sometimes. They probably make you wash the dishes all the time. But they are the best moms to have.

     Happy Mother’s Day to your moms!

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