The Heraposh Guide to Korea’s Four Seasons

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     Living in a tropical country and lacking the personal experience of half of the seasons, it’s easy to be a little clueless, even when it comes to something as simple as fashion. If you travel to Korea, it’s best to know how to dress according to the seasons, and we’re here to help you out!

Winter (December to February)

Temperature: -15°C to 5°C

     Although winter starts in December, it stretches all the way to February of the next year, so Koreans typically start their years off in cold winter temperatures. For these days, it’s best to bundle up in many layers, since Korean winters can be harsh especially to us who are used to warm, humid weather. A combination of the Liffy Knitted Sweater and the Rory Oversized Jacket will keep you warm, especially when paired with a pair of comfortable Sulli Casual Pants. Don’t forget to pair these up with gloves, a hat, socks, and a hot pack in your pocket just for the extra warmth!

Spring (March to May)

Temperature: 7.1°C to 17.8°C

     Whatever nature was buried in the cold winter snow will start to blossom again in Korea’s springtime. Though the sun begins to beam and the snow begins to melt, the temperature will still have residual coolness from the winter, but instead of bundling up with layers, you can make do with a cute long-sleeved Stacy Ruffled Blouse, JoyShop Front Button Twill Skirt with stockings, and a pair of Macy Floral Flats in  honor of nature’s  re-blossoming! And as the season warms up from March to May, you can wear lighter and fewer clothes.

Summer (June to August)

Temperature: 22°C to 38°C

     Wherever you are and whatever seasons you experience, summer will always be the hottest time of the year, and Korea is no different. Korea’s summertime rivals our own, what with the sun beating down and air getting warmer. The good news is you can shed off those layers and finally wear outfits that consist of less than three items, even just one! With a sweet Mariane Floral Dress paired with a sunny Gabby Convertible Handbag, you’re bound to embody summer like the hot summer girl you are!

Autumn (September to November)

Temperature: 20°C to 10°C

     Gradually getting closer back to winter, these months start cooling down again, lending temperatures that will start plucking leaves off of trees, and make you pick up long sleeves and pants as the months go by, in a reverse way from spring. The outfits, however, are similar. Like spring, serving as a transition between extreme seasons (hot to cold), you can wear a loose Sunny Striped Shirt and Tank Top and Fly Up Fashion Pants and be relatively comfortable.

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