The Dos and Don’ts of Online Shopping

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     Who has the time to go shopping? Walking around, checking each store you pass by... it’s only fun during the first few hours. Everything now is online. You can practically buy anything from concert tickets to food and groceries. With just a few clicks, you can have whatever you want.

     However, because online shopping is already prevalent, some people can’t help but take advantage of this man-made necessity. Whether it’s because of putting up false advertisements or scamming people online, online shopping is not always a walk in the park.

     If it’s your first time to shop online, be extra careful. It doesn’t always start amazing. As an added measure, check out the dos and don’ts of online shopping below.

DO check reviews

     You can’t always rely on pictures. Pictures can be faked. Before making a purchase, make sure to read the reviews first and be critical. People have different experiences, but it’s good to take other people’s testimonies into consideration.

DO check specifications

     Make sure to check for the descriptions, measurements, etc. Check the specs. Sometimes it looks like it’s something you need or want but it won’t actually fit you.

DO “window shop” first for the best price and reviews

     Just like what you would do with physical stores, you also need to window shop online before making a purchase. Compare prices, specifications, reviews, made, etc. Only buy when you are already satisfied with the item you are about to purchase.

DO read and comprehend

     The sellers usually put everything on the product or service description and it’s up to the customers to read and comprehend. It is important that we read and understand everything to know what we’re getting before we buy.

DO consider on hand availability

     If there’s one thing you need for online shopping, it is patience. Shipping takes time, especially if the product you will buy is outside the country. You’re lucky if you get your order within a month. Some merchandise, especially if pre-order, take months before they arrive at your doorstep. Consider buying items that are on hand. It’s also a plus if they can provide actual pictures.

DON’T pester the shop for updates

     Remember that you are not the only customer they have. They will provide the necessary updates. If they don’t deliver as promised, then you can ask them questions. But avoid asking too frequently. Learn the art of holding back.

DON’T be a joy reserver

     Joy reservers are kind of like those customers who always add to cart but never checks out. The only difference is that shops usually encounter joy reservers on pre-ordered products. They make an order but they don’t pay the fees. It causes a lot of headaches because sellers order from suppliers in advance. It creates a domino effect. If you know you don’t have money to pay for something you saw online, then don’t place an order.

DON’T cancel especially if COD

     Some customers like making orders but when they receive the package, they refuse to pay. We don’t know why but it happens a lot, especially during the holidays. Please don’t do this. Not only will it be costly for the shops but it’s also tedious and tiring for the couriers. Again, if you don’t have the money to pay, then don’t order.

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