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It’s the season of sweat, dust, and prickly heat or as we, the enthusiastic bunch, like to call it: summer! Summer is for day trips, long trips, adventures, the beach... it’s basically the season of rarely staying at home.

While it won’t rain often and the sun is always out, it’s best to keep in mind that we become susceptible to some kinds of allergies, colds, and diseases during summer. So it’s best to keep these things with you when you go out, especially if you plan on staying under the sun for a long time.




It may be a small thing to carry in your bag, but it packs a lot of protection. Gone are the days when sunlight is healthy for our skin. Nowadays, sunlight burns the skin faster than we think. For our protection, it’s best to put on the body and face sunscreen before we go out.



Sunscreen won’t act as a shield. Just because you put it on, doesn’t mean it’s capable of blocking the heavy sun rays. Help yourself as well. Always bring an umbrella with you. Yeah, a hat is nice, but it only covers your face. Bring an umbrella for better coverage.


Wear comfy fabrics



Do away with clothes with heavy fabric, especially if you’re staying outdoors in a while. Wear clothes with light, breathable fabrics that absorb sweat and easily dries so you’ll feel comfortable all day! White cotton shirts, cool denim shorts, even sweaters with big knits will feel comfortable.


Light colors only


In relation to wearing comfy fabrics, also take note of the colors of your clothes. Black absorbs heat better so if you’re under the sun, you’ll feel hotter than when you’re wearing white clothes. Also, avoid red because it’s generally a hot color. Wear clothes that are easy on the eyes and add look cool to the eyes, like blue.





Always bring water with you, wherever you go. Since it’s hot outside, your throat will easily be parched. Sweating dehydrates you. Always have something bottled water ready to replenish.


Wear your socks


When you wear sneakers or flats, if you can, wear socks. In this killer heat, your feet will surely suffer without it. It’s better to feel a little stuffy than all sweaty and gross after a long day.

We hope you’ll bring these essentials wherever you go so you can enjoy your summer, Heras!

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