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Before we fall in line the night before the ticket selling or burn our eyes out while waiting for the online ticketing site to update, let’s get to know this rookie group first, shall we?

Who are Stray Kids? Why are they called Stray Kids? Where did they come from?

Stray Kids is a 9-member group created by JYP Entertainment. The boys were a product of a reality show of the same name. Initially, two of them were eliminated before debut, but JYP felt like their vibe changed without the two members so he brought them back.

They debuted on March 25, 2018, with the song District 9—a whole new level of bop!

The name Stray Kids mean “lost kids”, which is also their concept, as they want to be seen as wild and carefree. In one interview, one of them explained that their name can also describe their kind of music—free-flowing, not boxed in one genre or style, and experimental. They’re all fairly young, so their music is bound to change, but we’re really enjoying how their songs depict the feelings of the youth, which kids nowadays can relate to.

And if that’s not treat enough, they also compose their own music.

Three members of the group are the trio behind some of their hits. The group 3RACHA, as they’re called, is composed of Bang Chan, Han Jisung, and Seo Changbin.

Even before their debut, the public had been anticipating Stray Kids because of their EP entitled Mixtape. Here are some of the bops we’re sure you’ll like!


Now, onto the members!

Bang Chan/Christopher Bang

He’s the leader of the group, a dancer, a vocalist, a rapper, and a producer. Talk about a one-man band! He lived in Australia when he was a kid and is part of 3RACHA under the name CB97. Yes, this means he’s a 97-liner and is friends with GOT7 Bambam and Yugyeom, also 97-liners.


Seo Changbin

Another member of this fantastic trio is Changbin. He’s the main rapper who is also a vocalist. He writes lyrics and produces songs as well. And he likes stuff people find terrifying, like ghosts and the likes. Changbin has that face that looks intimidating at first, but he’s really a lively, soft boy who can’t sleep without his Munchlax toy called Gyu.


Kim Woojin

When you listen to Stray Kids, although their voices sound good, one voice will naturally stand out. And that honey voice will speak to your soul. That voice is Kim Woojin’s, the main vocalist of the group.

Kim Woojin was a former Fantagio and SM trainee, which is why he’s friends with some NCT members and Park Jihoon, a former Wanna One member, who also used to train under both agencies.


Lee Minho/Lee Know

Lee Minho prefers to be called Lee Know because Minho is such a common name in the entertainment industry. There’s Lee Minho, the popular actor, and Shinee’s Minho, to name a few. Of course, he wants to stand out and be set apart from all the other Minhos. But aside from the name, he stands out because he’s a great dancer, vocalist, and rapper! He’s also ambidextrous and he used to be a backup dance for BTS (wow!).


Hwang Hyunjin

When you hear the name Stray Kids, Hyunjin is probably one of the first things that pop into your head. He is the main dancer, a lead rapper, and the visual of the group. He’s nicknamed “The Prince” and rightfully so, because he has the vibe of one. His role model, GOT7’s Park Jinyoung, is also being called a prince by his fans. Hyunjin is the hardest to wake up.


Han Jisung

The last member to complete the trio 3RACHA is Han Jisung, or Han, as he prefers to be called. He’s the main rapper, a producer, and a lead vocalist. He used to live in Malaysia and is revealed to be good at drawing. Jisung likes to be called Han because he likes the name and there are also many famous Jisungs in the industry. Wanna One Yoon Jisung and NCT’s Jisung to name a few.


Lee Yongbok/Felix

While Changbin has a gritty rap voice and Hyunjin has that quirky, sexy rap, Felix’s rap voice is smooth and his voice is very deep. He’s a lead dancer and lead rapper. Those English lines that you hear with an Australian accent? That’s actually Felix. He was born in Australia and he also won medals in taekwondo.


Kim Seungmin

In every KPOP group, there is always that one member whose fans affectionately call “Sunshine”. In Stray Kids, it’s Seungmin, one of the group’s lead vocalists. He speaks English well and was a host of After School Club for a while. He’s also a morning person and the cleanest member.


Yang Jeongin/I.N.

And last but not the least is Yang Jeongin or as he prefers to be called, I.N. He’s a vocalist and the maknae of the group. I.N. used to be a child model when he was seven. If you want to recognize him easier, look at the members’ teeth in their old music videos and interviews. He’s the one wearing braces. Sadly, the braces have been removed last January.

Some SKZ songs we recommend you listen to:

My Pace

Stop it, stop it

No use in comparing

Don’t do that, stop it now

Just go on your own way


Get Cool 

What's the matter?

Have I really used up all the luck i had?

Let's not worry so much

Just for today



Step out of them voices

I’ll cover my ears and shout out again

Step out of them voices

Break free from the voices in my head

Lastly, they call their fans “Stays”, which some people find ordinary. Given that their name has such a nice history behind it, the fans expected more. But the way we see it is this: Stray Kids mean lost kids, the kids who wander a lot, the kids who are wild and carefree. Maybe they named their fans “stays” because they hope that no matter how many music styles and genres they experiment with, no matter how many years will pass, and no matter how many changes they go through as individuals and as a group, their fans will still stay. A place where they can return to. A place they can call home.

We hope that you learned a lotabout Stray Kids and if you have more tidbits and trivia you can share, don’t forget to comment them down below!

Are you ready for their first ever solo concert in Manila?



Stray Kids will be having their first concert in Manila this coming April 27, 2019, at the Araneta Coliseum. Make sure to buy your tickets on March 17, 2019, Sunday!



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