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What do you think about when you hear the word summer? The sun? The beach? Traveling? FUN? If you answer all of the above, then you're definitely a summer person!

Amidst the sweltering heat and possible dehydration, music is one way to feel the brightness of summer.

So we made a list of KPOP summer songs you could listen to perk up your mood. If you enjoyed this, comment your favorite song down below. If you have other songs in mind, let us know and maybe we could make another list?

상상더하기 by Laboum

This song, which title translates to "Fresh Adventure"  will make you want to go on a summer trip or start a party, which makes total sense because Laboum is a French word which means "The Party". The song is perfect for a pool party, don't you think?

Laboum is such an underrated group, but they have lots of great songs. Give them a listen! We're sure you won't regret it.

어쩌나 (Oh My!) by Seventeen

Summer is usually KPOP girl groups' territory, but try listening to Seventeen's Oh My! for a change. Seventeen is a self-producing group under Pledis who has tried a lot of concepts already. This summer song definitely makes the boys a lot cuter in our eyes. Also, check out the sick choreo! Synchronization kings!

Really Really by Winner

YG artists are best known for their swagger, but who'd have thought that a YG boy group could produce such a tropical bop? You literally can't go through summer without listening to this song at least once! 

Try not to dance challenge = failed

Love Scenario by iKON

Yes, the song is about heartbreak, but you know what? It's such a bop, you won't feel sad while listening to it. The minimalistic instruments and power vocals are a lethal combination that will surely make you want to dance and feel uplifted.

Sarangeul haetta~

Starry Night by Mamamoo

Let's take a break from boy groups to give way to our Vocal Queens, MAMAMOO! Excuse the comparison, because both groups are different and great in their own unique ways, but do you also get the SISTAR vibe from them? You know... four beautiful empowering women with power vocals and likable personalities? Because we totally do!

Power Up by Red Velvet

Red Velvet has so many bop songs that you couldn't get out of your head like Bad Boy, Red Flavor, and Dumb and Dumber, but we'll just settle for one recommendation. Power Up is catchy AF and the MV is so bright, it screams summer!

Just Right by GOT7

Out of all the songs we've listed so far, this is probably a little laid back for a summer song, but the quirky sound and bright MV will definitely remind you of this sunny season. Apart from that, the song also imparts a positive message. You are enough. You are beautiful just the way you are. You are just right. Imagine seven tiny cute guys telling you that, every morning, over breakfast. What a way to start the day!

너무너무너무 (Very Very Very) by I.O.I

Yes, I.O.I had disbanded a while ago, but the bops they've given us will still live on. And one of those songs is this very very very addictive summer song. How much do we like it? Neomu joa!

Some of the girls have debuted with their OG groups already. Some went solo and some are still trying to figure things out. We hope that if you liked this song, you'll check out their other stuff too!

Dance The Night Away by Twice

Where do we even start with Twice? You can dance to pretty much everything in their discography! We chose this song because it's a summer release and it sounds perfect for summer. Plus that MV! We know we wouldn't look half as good as they do as castaways, though.

Touch My Body by SISTAR

We know it's a pretty short list, but if we include everything from everyone, we wouldn't finish! But we know we cannot complete this list without including our Summer Queens, SISTAR!

Everyone used to look forward to their summer releases because they're honestly the boppest of all bops. Sadly, we lost Sistar in 2017 when they decided to disband. It was a unanimous decision and the members parted ways in good terms, but it was a sad day for the fans.

These women are still slaying individually, though!

If you want more, here are some of our other recommendations! And if you have more to give, comment them down below! We're very much willing to bob our heads and dance awkwardly this summer.

  • Ko Ko Bop by EXO
  • Red Flavor by Red Velvet
  • Breathless by Astro
  • Naughty Boy by Pentagon
  • Hola Hola by KARD
  • La Vie En Rose by IZ*ONE
  • Señorita by (G)I-DLE
  • O Sole Mio by SF9
  • Lo Siento by Super Junior
  • All Night by Girls' Generation
  • Roller Coaster by Chungha
  • Very Nice by Seventeen
  • Days Gone By by Day6
  • Energetic by Wanna One
  • Hwi Hwi by Laboum

That's all the time we have, for now, folks! Let us know if you want us to make another summer playlist or any playlist, for that matter.

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