Simple Ways to Get That Effortless Korean Look

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Everywhere you look, you’ll most likely see a Korean celebrity. They are dominating our music charts, our TV screens, and even our billboards. The Korean craze has not let up ever since it first started years ago, and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. It’s no wonder that we’re all clamoring to emulate these Korean styles. We look up skincare routines, look for the best Korean clothing brands, and research viral quirky trends such as the finger hearts and the Gwiyomi before that in order to keep up with the Korean wave.

Luckily, getting that effortless Korean look isn’t too difficult, and by following the right steps, you’ll be able to pull off that K-Drama look in no time.

Get The Right Hairstyle


Korean fashion is very diverse so there is no definite Korean look, even when it comes to hairstyles. There’s the loud candy-colored hair styles that K-Pop idols love sporting, and then there’s the more low-key and natural black hair. A common hairstyle trend in Korea, however, is the wavy brown hair. Most K-Drama female leads don this hairstyle as somewhat of a middle ground between the two extremes mentioned earlier. It makes you look more approachable without being too out there and strikes the balance between chic and casual.


Improve Your Skincare Routine


A common staple of the Korean look is the clear, immaculate skin a lot of Korean celebrities and idols have. This is largely due to their very specific skincare routine. To cut it short, it’s all about hydration, exfoliation, sun protection, and a healthy diet and sleeping schedule. Bring out those cleansers, face masks, SPF lotions, and the like as these are essential to the look. Remember to eat healthy and sleep well in order to get that well-known Korean glow.


Find Your Signature Style


The signature Korean outfit can’t be narrowed down to just one style as there are many variations you can choose from. There’s the casual and laid back street style with the statement tees, denim shorts, and other trends in Korean street fashion. There’s also the sweet and innocent style complete with a plethora of cute Korean dresses paired with pastel colors, and then there’s the classy and sexy style with the chic black blouses and high heels. Whether you want to look like the cute and plucky protagonist or the fierce antagonist of the K-Drama, you can still have that distinct Korean look so long as you pair the right items.

As the beauty landscape is evolving, more and more girls are looking up to Korean celebrities as style and fashion icons. And who can blame them? With their effortless looks and fashion choices that just scream aesthetic, it’s not a mystery why a lot of people are obsessed with mirroring these styles in their everyday lives. Fortunately, it’s not too difficult to visit your local Korean clothing stores or browse on the Internet for some of the best online Korean stores to get the items that can make that Korean look pop. Just always remember that part of the look is confidence, so be sure to exude that aura the next time you’re prepping for that signature K-Drama vibe.

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