Preparing for a K-pop Concert: Everything You Need To Know

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     It’s every K-pop fan’s dream come true to see their favorite groups and idols in person, but the dream isn’t always so easy to achieve. Here’s everything you need to know and prepare for so that you’re ready the next time your faves are sharing the same oxygen as you!

Securing a ticket


     The dream isn’t easy to achieve, and it doesn’t come cheap either. Most concerts are announced at a reasonable date to give fans ample time to save up, but some concerts are announced too close to the concert date. If there are any rumors that your favorite group is giving the country a visit, or if they usually do annual concert tours, you might as well start saving up, just in case!

Know the 5 Ws and 1H for ticket-buying

     When the concert is announced, it usually comes with the details for ticket buying. Take note of those details-- the date, the time, the price, the nearest outlets where you can buy the tickets physically, and the website where the tickets are officially sold online. Remember, there are hundreds and thousands of you vying for those tickets, so it’s best to be prepared!

Plan B to Plan Z

     It’s ideal that your concert experience goes exactly as you want it-- good seats, sitting with your friends, lightsticks up and banners out. If you’re lucky, or if you prepared well enough as we said in Step 2, you’ll get exactly that. But things won’t always go your way, so it’s best to always have contingency plans in case your preferred seats aren’t available anymore and to coordinate with your friends so that on ticket-buying day, you’re ready for anything.

Be very prepared on the ticket-buying day

     Several things can go wrong on ticket-buying day, whether you plan to buy your tickets online or in physical ticket outlets. You have to be very prepared.

     For buying online, it might sound as simple as having a laptop and internet, but you need to have a laptop, really good internet, and backup internet just in case. If you’re buying for your friends too, you’ll have to either be with them physically or have them on speed dial in case Plan A doesn’t pan out.

     If you’re buying at physical stores, you’ll have to go as early as you can to line up, because some fans are at the mall at the crack of dawn or even the night before. Either beat them there or almost certainly say bye to your Plan A. Also be aware for any systems that the mall might implement in buying the tickets-- you snooze, you lose.

Prepare for the day itself

     Ticket-buying sounds aggressive and challenging, but actually, the organizers always account for how big a fanbase can be and try to accommodate all the desiring concert-goers, so once you have your ticket, all you have left to is to prepare for the day itself. Work out your transportation to and fro, your budget (because there’ll be plenty of merch on the concert grounds and you will be tempted), and your itinerary (because some people like going to the venue hours ahead to avoid traffic and whatnot, so you’ll need to know what to do during that period. Don’t forget to include getting your outfit and merch together, too!

Make a playlist

     Listening to your faves’ songs is a surefire way to get you pumped for the day itself, so memorize those lyrics, belt out those tunes, and get ready to concert away!

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