Popular New Year’s Resolutions That Don’t Get Done

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Every year, we look forward to new beginnings. A chance to reinvent ourselves, be the better versions of ourselves. But every year, we always fail to make good on our promises. We understand, promises are made to be broken, right? Isn’t there a way to somehow achieve them, though?
We’ve collected some resolutions that people have made since the early 2000s and most of them have never gone around to doing or finishing them.
  1. Eat healthier.
Eat healthier.
Let’s face it: food is life. The greasier and unhealthier the food is, the more alive we feel. After all, we only live once. We have to eat everything we like before we go. The problem is, life gets shorter when you’re unhealthy. The older we get, the more we realize that we should have taken care of our bodies sooner.
Since New Year signifies new beginnings, we set our goals to live healthier the moment the year changes. But we always fail to be consistent.
So instead of eating healthy food for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, why not just do one healthy meal first until you’re used to it? Once you get the hang of it, make it two more meals, and then finally, make it three. Also, have cheat days once a week because withdrawals can take their toll on you.
  1. Save up.
Save Up
If there’s one thing we constantly need, it’s money. It makes our world go ‘round. We know how hard it is to earn money, so we remind ourselves to save up when we can, so we’ll have something to use in case of any emergency. But every time we try to do so, temptations in the form of delicious food, new clothes, books, and night outs with friends say hello.
There are a lot of money-saving challenges being posted online, though. It’s a long process, but a year isn’t really that long.
If we want to achieve our goals, consistency is the key. And keep your goals achievable. So if we save up a small amount of money every day, we will get used to it one day. And at the end of the year, we’d have money to spend on Christmas!
If we know we wouldn’t be able to commit to saving, we just need to keep these three things in mind:
-If you don’t need it, then don’t buy it.
-If you think you can still sleep at night without having it, don’t buy it.
-If it’s beyond your means, don’t buy it.
  1. Quit the bad habit.
Quit the bad habit
We’re all addicted to something, be it drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, gambling, drinking too many cups of coffee, shopping excessively, or buying books we will never read in the next few years. These things resulted from something and now we can’t get them out of our system.
We always see New Year as a chance to wipe our slate clean, but that slate gets tainted even right after the first month started.
Like most things, quitting takes time. We can never get something out of our system in a snap. So let us allow ourselves to slowly flush the bad habits out, allow ourselves to fall, as long as we know we will get back up again.
Habits form just after 21 days of consistently doing something. Breaking it won’t be that easy. 
  1. Be on time.
This is probably one of the most overused resolutions during New Year. Filipinos have this habit of being late. We don’t know where it started, but it’s present in all generations. Technology didn’t change this. In fact, it might have just made it worse.
So, every New Year, we make an attempt to change this. We promise to sleep earlier so we could wake up earlier. We promise to be more punctual, but most of us fail.
One little thing we can practice doing is not setting too many alarms. Having a snooze button or having too many alarms set act like a safety net. Why would we worry we’d be late if we know after a few minutes, our phones would go off again? When we delay our wake up time, everything we set out to do after that will be delayed too. Everything gets pushed back until we have no choice but to cram.
Another thing we need to remember is to respect other people’s time. Time is a precious commodity. In this linear world, time is the only thing that gives sense to things. We may have all the time in the world, but other people might not have that same luxury. Remember that and respect that. Maybe if we start respecting other people’s time, it will reverberate and cause a big change in the future.
  1. Learn to let go.
Learn to let go
Part of change is letting go. When the year approaches its end, we accumulate a lot of baggage, whether it be literal or metaphorical. To bring ourselves good luck, we need to let go of the negative things we’ve gained throughout the year. Start fresh. Start with a clean slate.
We de-clutter our closet and give away the things we didn’t use for the past year. We get a new haircut so we could feel lighter and better. We let go of the people who’ve hurt us in the past because we don’t need that kind of negativity in our life anymore.
But sometimes, we slip. Sometimes, we get too sentimental.
We hold on to old clothes that don’t fit us anymore, thinking maybe we’ll be slimmer next year. We hold on to things we’ve not used for months because maybe we’d find a way to use them again. We hold on to people because maybe they will change next year.
But when you’ve given it enough chance and didn’t see any change, it’s best to let it go. Let go slowly, if you have to. But let go because you can’t catch new blessings when your hands are still full.
Happy New Year, Hera!

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