KPOP Concerts for Dummies

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     Whether you’ve been a fan of KPOP since the first generation of idols or you just started getting into it last year or this year, you’re probably aware of the concerts that will be held in the Philippines. We started this year with a bang, thanks to Blackpink. The hype continued with KPOP Friendship Concert in Manila which was attended by groups like April and NCT Dream and newcomer boy group, Noir.

     Next came Stray Kids, the rookie boy group from JYP Entertainment and to be followed by Twice, a popular girl group from JYP. SM’s Red Velvet and NCT 127 are going to headline the KPOP Music Fest this June. And then, the following month, KPOP royalty, TVXQ, will be coming back to Manila for their concert.

     There are also speculations of other groups coming to Manila. Familiar groups like Seventeen and DAY6, who just had their first concert last year, are expected to come back. It has also been recently announced that another group from JYP, GOT7, will be having their first major concert this coming October. Filipino baby birds have been excitedly flapping their wings since the announcement. They were asking for this and finally, Manila is back on the world tour map!

     If you’ve been a KPOP fan for a long time, you probably already know the entire process by heart. But for the new fans out there who might be attending their first KPOP concert, read on so you’ll know what to do and what to prepare to make the first time memorable.

Save Up!

     Preparing for the concert doesn’t start and end on the concert day itself. It is months of preparations. And here’s why: money. Not everyone can ask their parents to buy them concert tickets. People who have jobs have bills to pay. So if you want to go but you have no money, it’s best to plan things ahead. Budget your money. Indulge yourself less and buy only what you need when you need it.

     Once you know your country is included in the stops, count the dates before the big day and have a saving system! Here’s an example:

Source: Happee Hour Facebook page

Go Camping!

     You’ve probably heard this crazy story about KPOP fans camping outside ticketing branches the night before selling. Well, everything you heard is true. People endure the traffic going to the venue, the cold night air, hunger, boredom, and a lot more just to score a good seat. That’s how dedicated these fans are!

     No worries, though. If you’re not the type who can camp out, you can opt for online ticketing. Just prepare a credit card and make sure you have wifi. To give you a better idea of what would be a better way for you to get tickets, we’ve listed down the pros and cons of both methods below.

Source: ABS-CBN News

Prepare your Outfit Beforehand

     In the sea of people, fans want to stand out and be noticed by their idols. Picking the right outfit is one way to do it. But you don’t always have to wear the prettiest dress or the highest heels to do it. Sometimes, picking a ridiculous concert outfit could get their attention.

     A KPOP outfit doesn’t only include clothes, bags, and shoes. You also need to decorate yourself with headbands, trinkets, slogans, and of course, your light stick.

     Some fans also wear bridal gowns, complete with a bouquet. Others wear onesies. Others steal the attention with meme shirts, like these.

Source: AllKpoper

Learn the Fanchant

The fan chant is an integral part of the song. Artists release these fan chants so there could be a collaboration between them and their fans. If you want to know when to scream their names out loud, search for fan chant videos released by the company or the group and practice while listening to their songs.

Filipinos don’t have a problem with this, though. We don’t do fan chants. We sing along to all the songs from start to finish.

Be There Early

     For VIPs, you really have to be there early for the queuing. After falling in line, you can roam around to gather giveaways and freebies from other fans. People give lots of freebies so make sure to bring a tote bag!

Read the Guidelines

     Every concert has guidelines. Read them carefully to know what’s acceptable and what isn’t. You might want to take lots of pictures and videos, but it might not be allowed. If you’re caught by the security doing that, they might take your phone away and delete the video. Sometimes, they’d even delete everything just to be sure.

     Follow the rules and have a good time, the right way. Enjoy, chingu!

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