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     KPOP idols are always dressed to impress, especially in their music videos. It's part of their image. They have to look good at any given moment, even when it's just a casual and fun event like TV guestings or just going to the airport.

     Artists often get styled but there are moments when they have to style themselves. This is where their creativity and sense of style get tested. Personal style is a big factor in KPOP. If you have a great sense of style, not only will your fans admire you, but fashion brands will also keep an eye on you. In this cutthroat industry, one must do what they can to stand out. Brand deals give you exposure. If people know more about you, there's a high chance that they will check out your music. And isn't that what all artists want?

     Speaking of fashion, check out these luxury brands and their favorite KPOP idols to dress!

G Dragon

     If you're new to this, let us first introduce him to you. Kwon Jiyong, popularly known as G Dragon, is the leader of the KPOP boy group Big Bang. He's a trendsetter through and through. Did you know that he and co-member, T.O.P. started the trend of changing hair color and hair style before every comeback? They were the first ones to do it and everyone else caught up. Now you just have to check a KPOP idol's hairstyle to know if they're having a comeback!

     When you hear his name and the word fashion, the first thing that will probably come to your mind is "eccentric". Some people say his style isn't their cup of tea and it's perfectly understandable. Not everyone can wear whatever item of clothing and carry it like G Dragon does.

     Naturally, GD caught the eye of none other than Karl Lagerfeld himself. He's been invited to a lot of Chanel shows and loved for his androgynous fashion.

Jennie Kim

     Speaking of Chanel, another favorite is Blackpink's Jennie. Just look at her dressed in her favorite luxury brand from head to toe! Jennie is always seen sporting this luxury brand, whether she's at the airport, at a photo shoot, or performing on stage!

     The love was reciprocated when they chose her as their new muse for the Harper's Bazaar shoot featuring their spring collection last year.

Park Chanyeol

     EXO has such talented and good-looking members that everyone's attention is always on them, even when they're just posting stuff on Instagram. Park Chanyeol, the main rapper, is one of their most impeccably dressed members. Not only does he has the face, but he also has the height that make designers want to dress him up.

     Tommy Hilfiger is one of those designers. Chanyeol's even named as the best dressed male in one of their fashion shows.

Kim Jongin

     Another fashion favorite is Kim Jongin or Kai, as he's famously known. All EXO members are good-looking, but there's just something about Kim Jongin's face that make photographers want to capture every angle. He is also one of the tallest members. His tall built is perfect for suits and his long legs deserve to walk every runway.

     Kai loves Gucci and Gucci loves him back. You'll understand why when you look at these photos!

Kim Seolhyun

     Another Kim who's a Gucci muse is AOA's Seolhyun. She made an appearance at the Fall/Winter 2018/19 Milan Fashion Week and has been a brand ambassador ever since.

Oh Sehun

     EXO's youngest, the maknae, is another luxury brand favorite. He's the youngest member, but his height says otherwise. Sehun looks good in a suit, period. It's no surprise he caught the eye of one of the most well-loved luxury brands in the world, Louis Vuitton!


Zhang Yixing

     Yet another member of this KPOP boy group, Zhang Yixing or Lay as he is commonly known, is a Chinese member who focuses on his solo projects nowadays. He's still a part of EXO, though. We shouldn't let people forget that.

     Anyway, Lay is one of the popular celebrities who represent Valentino and these photos will tell you why. He also made his Met Gala debut this year!

Jackson Wang

     Another Chinese artist who's making big waves in the US is GOT7's Jackson Wang. Aside from being a member of the said boy group, Jackson also has his own label in China, Team Wang. He's appeared in a lot of TV shows and had guestings in the US.

     He has what we call a fashion duality. He likes black and often dresses in all black. He sometimes prefers comfort over style, but when he suits up, he doesn't hold back.

     Earlier this year, he attended Fendi's fashion show and even lent his voice to the event and sang his solo song, Fendiman.


     Another GOT7 member has also caught the eye of a famous fashion brand, YSL. This year too, Bambam was invited for the YSL store opening in Thailand. It came as no surprise to ahgases, their fans, because they know it's just a matter of time before big fashion brands notice how well-dressed Bambam is.

     Every time he goes out, he makes sure he's dressed to impress. And it's no secret that he takes too long to get ready. Well, what can we say? Perfection can't be rushed.

Lee Chaerin

     Lee Chaerin, best known as CL, is the leader of the KPOP girl group 2ne1. They popularized the girl crush concept and unique hairstyles and outfits. CL has always been a trendsetter. She's not afraid to take risks and takes bold decisions when it comes to fashion.

It's no surprise that a brand like Moschino has taken interest on her.

Kim Jisoo and Park Chaeyoung

     Last but definitely not the least, our girls from Blackpink--Jisoo and Rosé. These girls have been invited to a COACH event and even mingled with top performers and celebrities! Who wouldn't want to rub elbows with these two? Not only are they popular, they are also beautiful and their styles are top notch!

     Got any more KPOP idols we need to mention? Comment them down below and we'll make another list!


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