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     We're sure you've heard of Blackpink and BTS and other KPOP boy and girl groups, but have you heard of Korean bands? Korean bands are pretty talented, but they get overshadowed by groups because they don't dance. However, since DAY6 started gaining recognition all over the world, the light has finally--although slowly--been shed on other bands.

     If you're not familiar with them, let us give you some recommendations!

     Let's start with DAY6, a 5-member band from JYP Entertainment. The band members are Jae (lead guitarist), Sungjin (leader, rhythm guitarist), Young K (composer, bassist), Wonpil (keyboard, synth), and Dowoon (drummer).

     Here are some of their best songs. You need to listen to these three in this particular order. Our Trinity of Pain:

     The Rose is another great band with exceptional discography. They're not too mainstream yet, but they have a lot of potential to make it big. The members are Woosung (leader, electric guitar), Dojoon (keyboards, acoustic guitar), Hajoon (drums), and Jaehyeong (bass).

     Here's Woosung singing his own version of ILYSB by LANY. It's swoon-worthy!

     Next is N.Flying, another great band from FNC. The members are Seung-hyub (leader, pianist) Cha Hun (guitarist), Jaehyun (drummer), and Hweseung (main vocalist).

     Here are some of their songs:

     Let us know if you know other South Korean bands! We'd love to listen to their songs!



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