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Women like to shop. It’s a fact we all know and accept. People like to joke about how we always shop for hours because we don’t know what we want and we always end up buying things we don’t need. Whereas men will enter the store, know exactly what they want, and will get just that.

What many don’t understand, especially with one’s body, is that we all have different body types. Add that to our personal style, our budget, the occasion we’re shopping for, and the time we have allotted for shopping, buying clothes becomes ten times more stressful and time-consuming.

Understanding your body type is the first step to understanding your style. Your personal style does not just mean the clothes you want to wear or the trends you want to follow. Your personal style should bring out your personality. It should reflect who you are on the inside. More than anything, it should complement your body.

Before you determine your personal style, you should first know what your body type is. To give you an idea, here are the most common types of female body shapes.


The apple or inverted triangle. The upper body is wider than its lower counterpart. Women with this body shape have broader shoulders and narrower hips.

To make the proportion right, you need to add volume to your lower body. Wearing full skirts or shorts with details like the Jennifer Denim Amberge will greatly help. If you are not a fan of skirts, you can wear peplum dresses or blouses. Peplums add another layer of volume to your waist and hip area, making them appear wider than they really do.


Erica BlouseErica Blouse


You can also get the same effect when you choose dresses that make your upper body appear slimmer. Do this by choosing tops with thin straps or not too structured shoulders to slim down your shoulder line. V-necks make your neck appear longer and your shoulders, slimmer.


Audrey Plain Pleated Dress


The straight or banana. This body type has the measurements of the chest, hips, and waist comparatively similar, making the body appear straight. If you have a straight body, it doesn’t mean that you are shapeless. Lean more towards clothes that will help accentuate or emphasize your shape. That way, your body would get the appearance of curves.

To achieve this, you need to put volume on your upper torso as well as your hips. As they appear wider, your midsection will consequently appear slimmer, which will create the illusion of an hourglass figure.

Off-shoulder blouses not only exposes a little skin but also widens the shoulder line. Full skirts or embellished pants and shorts also add volume to the hips.



Arrabella Floral Set


The pear or triangle. This shape refers to the bottom area being wider than the upper body part. Since the lower part of the body is already fuller, you need to pay attention to your shoulders and neck to balance your proportion.

Go for blouses with structured shoulder or heavily-decorated necklines like the Chelsea Ruffled Blouse.


Lucy Flat Collar Blouse


It’s okay for your top to have a wider shoulder line than your actual shoulders. It would help reach the width of your hips, giving you a more balanced look. Horizontal stripes would also help accentuate your top area.

Avoid wearing long-sleeved blouses with decorated cuffs as they will add volume to your hips.


The hourglass. Imagine the shape of an hourglass in a body: shoulder line with the same measurement as the hips and a small waist. Clothes traditionally made to accentuate a woman’s body always follow this body shape as a pattern. But it doesn’t mean that it’s easy to dress up someone who has an hourglass figure.

Adding more volume to the upper, lower, or both areas will be too much.

Bodycon dresses perfectly highlight an hourglass body without adding extra volume. Wrap dresses or blouses are also great for this body shape, especially since they have V-necklines, which elongates the neck while slims down the shoulder line.


Gwen Floral Wrap Blouse

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