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   We only have two seasons in the Philippines: hot and hotter. While the Christmas air provides some sort of relief, it’s not as cold as we wish it would be. Layering is not an option in most months, especially during summer.

     You move, you sweat.

     However, when you want to look good when you go out, dressing up is a small sacrifice. But it doesn’t have to be uncomfortable, especially if you’ll be out the entire day.

     So let us help you with some tips that would guarantee a stylish OOTD without breaking a sweat!

Wear skirts

     Skirts don’t have to be too short or too tight to be fashionable. Find a nice skirt with a decent length where you can be comfortable in. Wear a skirt loose enough to let the air circulate but fit you enough so it won’t hike up or be blown by the wind.

     Koreans like wearing fun skirts with interesting and unique designs, like this midi skirt right here. Gingham patterns are having a comeback and to make it stand out, the ruffled end is uneven. A perfect conversation starter! You can pair it with heels or sneakers, depending on your OOTD!

Linen is your friend

     Aside from cotton, linen is also the best fabric to wear during summer. Since linen is woven, it can provide a lot of airflow that can keep you cool during the hot weather. It is also absorbent so you won’t be dripping in sweat even when under the heat of the sun.

     Linen also has more structure than cotton so it won’t wrinkle as much.

Wrap it around

     Wrap garments are such fun things to wear during summer. You can wear your bikini under them and look stylish when you’re just strolling on the beach. Depending on your style, wrap garments can be used as cover-ups or can be worn as is, which gives you more OOTD options.

     Check out these wrap blouse and skirt!

Breathable long sleeves

     Just because it’s summer doesn’t mean you can’t wear long sleeves anymore. In fact, we advise you to wear long sleeves so you can protect your arms from the sun. However, choose long sleeves with breathable and light fabric so it won’t feel stuffy and suffocating.

Long and loose shorts

     Sometimes, shorter isn’t better. Tighter can be worse. Yes, your exposed skin will be ventilated, but if you wear tight shorts all day during summer, it’s highly likely you’ll get itchy because of the friction created by the fabric rubbing against your skin.

     Loose shorts would be a more comfortable option.

     Remember, the air is your friend during the summer. Let the air flowing through loose and breathable fabrics. And don’t forget to hydrate and put sunblock every day!

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