GOODBYE 2018: A Recap

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2018 had been a very progressive and eventful year, especially if you are an avid enthusiast of anything Korean. The Hallyu fever just started and doesn't look like it's going to slow down any time soon. So many things have happened, most we didn't see coming. Before we say goodbye to this year, let us look at some of its highlights.

Makeup. Although it's not new for men to wear makeup, since they used to a long time ago, it was still frowned upon by many. Men are supposed to be tough and masculine. Doing things like crying or putting on makeup was considered to be too feminine. But Korean men, especially idols, have proven time and time again that men can wear makeup too. Taking care of yourself, your skin doesn't make you less of a man.

Big Korean and international brands sought out these male idols to endorse makeup and skincare brands. Some notable collaborations are as follows: iKON for Nivea, Monsta X for Tony Moly, EXO for the Nature Republic, Seventeen for The Saem, and GOT7 for The Face Shop.

Musical Collaborations. KPOP has successfully broken through the western market. With its ever growing popularity, it's only natural that more western artists and producers have sought out these Korean idols to collaborate with. Some of the most notable collaborations this 2018 are Blackpink and Dua Lipa's Kiss and Makeup, BTS and Steve Aoki's Mic Drop, BTS and Nicki Minaj's IDOL, and EXO Lay and Alan Walker's Sheep Relift.

Our very own Morissette Amon has rubbed elbows with Seventeen last Asia Song Festival. They complimented her for singing well and even took pictures with her!

Fashion. This year was the rise of odd combinations of pieces and patterns. Like an oversized sweater plus a long pleated skirt with laced up shoes and a cute handbag. Koreans like to pair pieces that would naturally be frowned upon together but they somehow make it work.

Adding exaggerated details like twisted button plackets or collars or extra-long sleeves, uneven hems with details that look like they were just thrown in were a big hit.

It’s also the year for rebirth and rebranding. Heraposh has undergone an important change in our identity. We offer the same high quality authentic Korean products, but with better services.

This year, our team was also able to celebrate the holidays in Laguna. It was a fun-filled weekend with lots of laughter and booze. Heraposh isn’t just about business. Heraposh is also about family. When you find a family outside your home, especially at your workplace, things just become easier to handle.

May you have a warm Christmas, surrounded by your family and friends, from our family to yours.

But wait—if you think the year’s already over, we’ll read on!

In the recently concluded Miss Universe 2018, our very own Catriona Elise Gray has won! She’s been a crowd favorite ever since the preliminary rounds and has proven that she has the beauty, brains, and grace to take home the crown. With her lava walk, fiery red gown inspired by the Mayon Volcano, her advocacy, and her short and straightforward answers, she has earned the well-deserved title.

What a win for the Philippines and what a way to end the year!

2018 has been good, bad, and all things in between. Every good thing is a blessing, every mistake is an experience, every mishap is a lesson, and everything we couldn’t do this year, let’s make time to accomplish next year.

And to 2019, we say, BRING IT! We’re ready!

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