Get Ready to EXplOre!

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     It’s finally that time of the year again, EXO-Ls— get your lightsticks and jerseys (and wallets!) ready, because the boys are giving us a visit! EXO PLANET # 5, otherwise dubbed as EXplOration, is going to be held on August 24, 2019, at the Mall of Asia Arena. With the announcement being made not long ago on event organizer PULP Live World’s Facebook page, fans are given more or less a month to gather every cent and peso they can before tickets go up for sale on the 4th of August. Despite the short notice, there’s no messing up an EXO-L’s tempo, and there’s no doubt of the riot SM ticket outlets are going to be on the day of, both physical and online.

     On a more somber note, the group has reached the point that all fans of Korean boy groups fear— the inevitable enlistment period. Earlier this year, two of the group’s eldest members, Xiumin and D.O., have enlisted for their required years in the Korean military, and will not be joining the rest during the tour.

     Lay, on the other hand, who has been busy trying a hand (and succeeding!) at an international individual career, is yet to confirm or deny his presence for the upcoming tour.

     Despite having been unable to join the group for the past two tours, Exo’rdium and ElyXiOn, and having activities lined up for him including his very first solo concert tour, Grand Line, the fans have their fingers crossed for this one. Certainly and fortunately, we still have the rest of the boys coming over— Suho, Baekhyun, Chen, Chanyeol, Kai, and Sehun— so who are we to complain?

     Any other details are still being kept quiet under wraps, most likely until the date of ticket-selling, but we can only expect that this tour will be as exciting and extraordinary as the last!

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