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Valentine’s Day is a very divisive event. You get the couples who seem to be everywhere on this particular day. You don’t see a lot on normal days but they’re somehow all over the place during Valentine’s. Bring out the chocolates, flowers, and teddy bears! Ah~ romance is alive and kicking every single and unattached person in the face.

While they hold hands, we hold our phones. While they share one plate of food, we eat for two. While their warm embraces keep them warm, we hug ourselves to ward off the cold air. It’s not that cold, anyway, with the global warming and pollution in the city.

On this particular day, maybe we feel all alone and unloved. Maybe we’re sad because we don’t have someone to spend this special day with. But if we put the bitterness aside, we will be able to see what Valentine’s is really all about. It’s about love, but no, it doesn’t always have to be romantic.

There is an abundance of hate, especially online, and not a lot of love going around. Let us remind you of the things you still have and the happy moments you can still celebrate this Valentine’s.

Parental Love

The older we get, the more distant we become from our parents. We find friends who have common interests, thinking they’re the only ones who can understand. We open up to them, but at the same time, we shut our parents out because they’re too old to get the sense of what we’re going through. What do they know, right? How often do we call our parents just to talk, just to ask how they’re doing? Why don’t we do it on Valentine’s Day?

Platonic Love

What’s better than being single? It’s having single and unattached friends! Go out on a date with your friends. Hang out with your friends. It’s less lonely when you have a fun and reliable company. If they don’t have a significant other, then they’d surely have nothing to do on Valentine’s. Wanna make it extra special? Give one another gifts!


“There are so many people who are walking around and not ready to be the best version of themselves, yet want to be with the best versions of other people.” Life is not a race. We go through in on our own unique pace. Just because someone got into their first relationship at the age of 13 doesn’t mean we have to be in a relationship at that age too. Some of us find love early. Others find it at a much later time. Some don’t find it at all. But instead of endlessly waiting or looking for a love that won’t arrive at the time we want it to arrive, let us focus on ourselves. Love ourselves first. Strive to be the best possible version we can be.

Sometimes we think we’re ready for it, but we’re actually not. It’s not entirely up to us. As Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye once said: “Love arrives exactly when love is supposed to. And love leaves exactly when love must.”

Love makes the world go ‘round, but it’s not only one kind of love. This Valentine’s Day, and every day, if we can, let us celebrate its presence, no matter the shape, size, or form it’s presented to us.

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