Best Outfits for the Rainy Season

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Fashion during the rainy season is different from when the sun is out. Crop tops and summer dresses are put away to give room to warmer clothing. It’s only normal as this season calls for clothes that have more coverage, warmer, and the like . It may seem weird as the Philippines is a tropical country but because of the climate change, rainy seasons tend to get really cold.

Even so, this would not be a hindrance to girls who love to dress up. Instead, they see it as a challenge to make statements, look chic, and stay at the top of their fashion game. Here are the outfits girls can take inspiration from:

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It’s all about layers.

While during a hot summer, flowy and loose clothing is preferred, during rainy days, the more clothes you wear, the better! You can throw in a scarf on a plain top and bottom, if you want the basic way of layering. You can also wear a nice plain shirt under a dress to make it look trendier. Accessorizing your outfit also helps.

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Sweaters, jackets, hoodies, etc.

You know what people call rainy season, right? They call it sweater weather! So take out all of the sweaters, cardigans, jackets, hoodies, and long sleeve shirts you’ve been hiding! Even  when it’s raining, the sun tends to come out from time to time. The weather is confusing sometimes.  Cover ups come in handy especially if your office has the air-conditioning unit in full blast.

You can also pair a statement shirt with that leather jacket you’ve been dying to wear but the weather’s been too hot for too long ! Look cute and stylish by pairing your favorite sweater with leggings and a nice pair of waterproof sneakers or boots. Spice up your dress by wearing an inner long-sleeved shirt or just put a cute sweater on top of it.

There are so many styles you can do with these chilly weather staples. Don’t get us started on coats!
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Denim and more denim.

Denim is a year-round fashion piece any person must have in their closet. It’s classic and goes with almost anything! It’s a good go-to item when all else fails. For instance, a denim jacket can go very well with a dress. It can also add a statement to plain shorts and t-shirt. Denim can be casual or semi-formal, depending on how you dress it up. It is definitely something you’d want in your closet!

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