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The school season has officially begun! We’re all set and ready to go back to reunite with our friends and talk about what we’ve done during the summer. For some, this is also a way to make new friends as the new girl in town. But of course, we all want to look our best during the first day. Whether to look pretty in front of our crushes, to create a great first impression on our teachers, or to simply show off our post-summer glow, we’re all clamoring to make a dress code-appropriate fashion statement for the first day. Below is our style guide on Korean teen fashion that will help you decide on what to wear during this back-to-school season.


You can never go wrong with the classic schoolgirl uniform look. Of course, the typical school uniform popularized by K-Pop idols won’t be too appropriate for the dress code, so opt for longer skirts and buttoned tops to emulate this aesthetic. Couple that with accessories such as ties or ribbons and you’re all set. Actual school uniforms aren’t too fashionable or as cute as what we see in lots of Korean media. This is a good way to get that adorable school uniform you’ve been dreaming of wearing since watching “Dream High”.


If elegance and femininity are your thing but you still want to adhere to simplicity, long girly dresses are for you. Dresses that go down your knees are great for that simple and graceful aura. You’ll look effortlessly stunning as you walk the halls of your school. This look is also sure to blow some oppas’ hearts away. There are lots of Korean dress designs that embody this classic look. You just have to be creative and see what fits you the best.

It’s always great to look youthful and vibrant when at school. Aside from being age-appropriate, this type of fashion also highlights the quirkiness of Korean teen fashion and Korean fashion in general. If you want to pull off this look, you can never go wrong with character-themed shirts and tops with random, off-the-wall captions. Pair this with a stylish set of jeans and random cute accessories and you’ll be rocking that youthful and carefree look in no time!
Despite all the styles available for many teens as their back-to-school fashion, sometimes the best style is to keep it simple and casual. A plain top and a pair of jeans, as basic as they sound, can do wonders so long as you know how to rock it. If Girls’ Generation can look fashionable with the plain white shirt and jeans look in the iconic “Gee” music video, then so can you. This is also great if you’re looking for simple and plain without sacrificing style.
For a lot students, first days are very important. While first impressions don’t actually last, a lot of teenagers still want to make a great first impression during their first day, whether through their clothes or something else. This is especially apparent if they’re new in the school. It may be nerve-wracking to face a new school year, but just remember the styles mentioned above and always be confident in your Korean teen fashion and you’ll be rocking the school halls and making great friends in no time.

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