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    How to get through the week? We made a list of DAY6 songs you can listen to every morning when you need that extra motivation to get through the day.

    Keep in mind that we based this list on the music, not on the lyrics because that's the thing about Korean songs (and in general, other songs in any different language), the music gets to you first. And when you feel it in your veins or connect to it in some way, when it instantly becomes the soundtrack of your life, that's when you go, "Hey, this is pretty interesting. What do the lyrics say?"

Monday - Time of our Life

    Mondays are usually a headache and we had to mentally prepare ourselves for it because it's the most tedious part of the week. All the piled up work from Friday to Sunday has to be dealt with during this day.

    So listen to something fun, funky, and upbeat!

Tuesday - Breaking Down

    This song is angsty at best. Breaking Down is one of DAY6's Japanese releases and it's a combination of English and Japanese so you can kinda understand some of the lyrics. The feeling it gives is fit for Tuesday. When you've used up all your optimism on Monday and you realized it's just Tuesday, breaking down is very plausible.

Wednesday - Stop The Rain

    Stop The Rain is another Japanese track from DAY6 and it perfectly describes our Wednesday feels. The weekdays start taking a toll on you and you're so close to tears but you're also kinda hopeful because it's only two days before the weekend.

Thursday - 121U

    Finally, it's Thursday. It's almost the weekend, but not quite. There's still one more day, but you're pretty chill now because it's #ThrowbackThursday and you get to relive the nostalgia for a while.

    This song is perfect for today!

Friday - Dance Dance

    It's time to bust that crazy move again. It's finally Friday! This song is the perfect swan song to wrap up your weekdays. So say goodbye to work and stress and hello to weekends and relaxation!

Saturday - Beautiful Feeling

    What is a beautiful feeling? It is waking up late because there's no alarm to go off and bother your well-deserved rest. It's knowing you don't need to go to work today. It's realizing there is one more day between this day and Monday. This beautiful feeling is called Saturday.

Sunday - days gone by

    This song sounds like you're just reminiscing the good old times because in reality, you are. Saturday has come and gone, rather quickly, and it's already Sunday.

"Ah, what happy days. It was like a dream." Doesn't this perfectly describe the weekend?

    ...and repeat.

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