7 Reasons Why You Should Watch Her Private Life

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     Hi, Heras! Do you want to watch a light-hearted Korean drama series but don’t know which series? Well, allow us to give you a solid recommendation: Her Private Life.

     The drama is already completed so you can binge-watch in peace. Her Private Life stars Park Min Young. If you don’t know her by her name, you’ll probably know her by her previous roles.

     She acted alongside Lee Min Ho in City Hunter, Ji Chang Wook in Healer, and the recent one, another rom-com, is What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim with Park Seo Joon.

     As for Mr. Ryan Gold, he’s also acted in movies and other series, but the most notable one would probably be Coffee Prince. Yes, he’s that half-Japanese heartthrob in a man bun. We were shocked when we found out too!

     If you liked Her Private Life but have not watched any of their other series, do check them out as well!

     Okay. So here are 7 reasons why we recommend this drama:

1. The Fangirl Life

     For those who are fans of Korean drama but aren’t really fond of the KPOP culture, this drama will give you a peek on a fan’s lifestyle. Keep in mind that there are many different types of fans and Deokmi, Park Min Young’s character, is a master-nim. Master-nims or fansite-nims are what you call the fans who photograph idols wherever they are. They usually know the schedules of the idols they follow. In this drama, Deokmi has a fansite which is called Shi An is My Life and we learn through the episodes that she is one of his OG (that’s original for you) fansites. This means that she’s been there with him since his debut.

     Here you’ll see a mix of good and bad. Sasaeng fans exist. Sasaeng fans are pretty much stalkers. They invade the idols’ privacy and follow them even when they’re on a break. Some even have this delusion that their idols are in love with them and that they can’t be with anyone else.

     You will see a lot of facets of being a fan. Not all fans are immature. Sure, a lot of them are, but this drama will show you that there are working professionals too, people who know their boundaries, and people who don’t have time for petty fights and unnecessary drama.

2. Ryan Gold

     Yes, you read it right. We added Ryan Gold to the reasons why you should watch Her Private Life. It’s not every day that you come across a male lead that isn’t toxic or problematic. Ryan is a mature guy. He doesn’t get mad easily, and this does not only apply to his relationship with Deokmi. Ryan has had a few hurdles thrown at him and every time, he let people explain their side before he makes his response. He’s also very forgiving and polite.

     We’ve taken this into consideration because a lot of KDrama male leads tend to have a problematic side, which the female leads are supposed to fix. Ryan has problems too and Deokmi helps him overcome them, but most of the time, not as his girlfriend, but as his senior curator. We’ll get to this bit in a few.

3. Deokmi

     We’ve praised Ryan Gold for being a nontoxic male lead. But in order for the relationship to work, the female lead should also be someone who would complement her partner. In this case, it was Deokmi. Yes, she’s a Shi An stan, but she’s not problematic. She’s also a great senior curator, does her job perfectly, and doesn’t complain even though the previous art director doesn’t treat her fairly.

     Aside from that, she’s not petty and needy. She gives Ryan his much needed space, let’s him solve his own problems, and doesn’t cry when he doesn’t pay her a lot of attention.

     Their relationship is probably one of the healthiest we’ve seen in a KDrama series. They are each other’s allies but they don’t depend on each other too much. They talk things out and work on their problems together. It’s definitely a refreshing take on relationships!

4. The Curator Life

     Aside from being a dedicated fansite, Deokmi is also a senior curator at an art gallery. She used to draw and paint as a kid, but an accident took away her chances of becoming an artist. Fast-forward to the present, Deokmi is seen dressed in impeccable suits, making sure the art gallery she’s working on is running smoothly.

     Not only do we see a glimpse to the fangirl life, but we were also given some insight on what it’s like to work in an art gallery, surrounded by art.

5. The Story

     Her Private Life isn’t just a romance-comedy drama. It actually has a lot of subplots that add up to the main plot. They did a great job at unpacking some scenes. The timing for the sweet scenes were also commendable. Yes, there are some cheesy scenes, but they weren’t too overwhelming as they were sparsely put and thus, became a breather when the drama is starting to get a bit heavy.

     You can see from how the subplots unfold that they weren’t just added later on to add some spice to the story. Rather, they were all intentional and well thought out.

6. The Side Characters

     What’s interesting with this drama is that each character has some sort of past and most characters are connected by one event, which affected them in some way. We don’t want to spoil too much because it might take away to the experience, so make sure to watch the drama!

7. The Fashion

     Fashion tells a lot about the character wearing them. For example, Secretary Kim (also played by Park Min Young) always wore long-sleeved blouses and pencil skirts. She always paired them with pumps and her hair was always in a high ponytail. In the drama, her character was always portrayed as the perfect secretary and that was the image she projected.

     Here, Deokmi always wears a suit and a plain blouse underneath. It’s always paired with high heels. Her hair is always in a low bun. Later in the series, you can see her slowly transition into shorts and skirts and she always let her hair down at some point. This is when she already knows that Ryan Gold already knows about her private life.

     Would you watch this drama? Let us know in the comments!

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