7 Reasons Why You Should Watch He Is Psychometric

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     Most of us like watching Korean dramas because of their unique plots and the exciting pairing of actors. Korean dramas are usually short, with only sixteen to twenty episodes, which last up to one hour each. Because of the limited number of episodes, the writers get to tell the story in a concise manner. Every scene has an impact on the story. You don’t need to sift through the fillers of diluted storytelling.

     He Is Psychometric is about Lee An, a guy who got psychometric powers after a tragic incident that occurred in 2005 and Jae In, a girl who keeps hiding her past. It was released last March 11, 2019, and airs every Monday and Tuesday, at 9:30 PM KST.

Here’s a list of reasons why you should watch it. SPOILER ALERT!              

The Main Characters

     Lee An, played by GOT7’s Park Jinyoung, is a breath of fresh air, a different kind of male lead. He’s not cool, calm, and collected at all times. Definitely not too swoon-worthy like his hyung, Kang Seong Mo and unfortunately, not smart, unlike the actor that plays him.

     Jae In, played by A-Teen actress Shin Ye Eun, is not a damsel-in-distress. She’s a kickass woman who sends bad guys to jail for a living. Unlike Lee An, she’s very smart and composed, most of the time.

We love the dynamic of these two characters and this tweet perfectly describes why:

The Supporting Characters

     Of course, a good drama shouldn’t be hard-carried by the leads alone. It’s a collective effort from the entire casts. Another thing that we liked about this drama was the supporting characters. Kang Seong Mo, Lee An’s older brother, is very quiet and mysterious. He’s the only one Lee An can’t read. Seong Mo will confuse you in a lot of episodes. He is a very intriguing character.

     Ji Soo, another detective whom Lee An treats as his big sister, is quite similar to Lee An. She’s very easy to read but is also headstrong and stubborn. She knows about Lee An’s psychometric abilities and uses it to help her with her cases, without Seong Mo’s knowledge.

The Chemistry

     There are different dynamics of the different relationships of the characters in this drama, but they have one common thread: the characters have good chemistry. You can feel the budding romance between Lee An and Jae In, but won’t be able to disregard the dark past that hangs above the two. Seong Mo is closed off but he lets Lee An read him (well, he couldn’t yet but at least he’s allowed to try). Lee An has abandonment issues, but he trusts Seong Mo to stay.

     Ji Soo acts like a big sister towards Lee An while she admires and respects Jae In. Ji Soo also expressed her admiration towards Seong Mo in the past, but since Seong Mo has other priorities, the feelings were, unfortunately, not reciprocated.

The Plot

     He Is Psychometric isn’t romance-centric. A big chunk of it is the mystery revolving around the tragedy that gave Lee An his powers. As the story progresses, you see bits and pieces of the puzzle without the big picture being revealed just yet, which always keeps the viewers on the edge of their seats. The drama has a nice mix of different feels that don’t overpower one another. It’s as if you get a serving of different emotions, all in their right portions, so you’re consuming a healthy and balanced amount of everything.

The Outfits

     Okay, this is for us. We’re a clothing company so we’ll definitely take note of the clothes they were! Here are some of our interesting finds:

Lee An likes wearing hoodies, the kind that gives him sweater paws. Since his palms are sensitive to the touch and can access people’s random memories, he keeps them hidden inside his sleeves.

     Jae In is usually shown in uniform. On the first few episodes, it’s her school uniform. On the succeeding episodes, she’s in her police uniform. She’s also sometimes shown in all black with a cap and a mask. Jae In revealed that she doesn’t want to be looked down on so she always exudes composure and elegance. She even managed to fool her classmates into thinking that she’s a politician’s daughter. Her uniforms are her armor, her shield against everyone’s judgments.

     Seong Mo is always in a suit. It portrays his authority and also his aloofness. It serves as his cloak, to hide the things he chooses to hide and the demons he’s trying to exorcise on his own.

     Lastly, Ji Soo. If our memory serves us correctly, Ji Soo has only worn a fancy dress once. It’s when her father insisted on setting her up with someone. But on most days, she’s in her pants and long sleeves. It’s as if she has given up trying to impress Seong Mo because he keeps rejecting her.


     We honestly couldn’t stop watching He Is Psychometric’s episodes even after the end because we just have to listen to Take by JUS2 every time it comes on. The moment that beat starts playing, you couldn’t stop listening to it! The song helps bring out the feels of the drama and the lyrics are perfect for it too!

I was the fool for hesitating

I didn’t know myself the most

I’ll tell you my heart that I’ve hidden till now

I love you

I’ll protect that smile of yours

     The characters have a lot to unburden and reveal and those words captured that feeling of wanting to show what’s in their hearts but have kept hidden because they’re afraid.

The Runtime

     Everyone looks forward to the weekend, but people dread Mondays--we included. Having the drama every Monday and Tuesday is the best way to start the week and honestly, it makes us look forward to Mondays now.

     The episodes are uploaded raw every Monday and Tuesday. If you are not well versed in Korean, don’t worry. Subbers work hard to bring you quality subbed episodes just hours after the latest episode is aired!

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     Seon Woo is a conceited star chef who’s overflowing with confidence in his food and his skills. Bong Soon harbors a secret crush on him, though he doesn't take much notice of her for two reasons: because he’s always surrounded by women and because he’s hung up on an old flame. But then one day, Bong-sun starts acting differently, shedding her mousy personality, and ends up constantly on Seon Woo’s mind.

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