7 Places to Shop in Korea

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     South Korea is notorious for many things, one of those things being one of the main reasons that people desire to visit the country-- to go shopping! Korea is filled with shopping districts to-die-for, whether you’re looking for high-end stuff, or the more affordable merchandise. Here’s the best of those shopping districts, the ones that you definitely need to give a visit while you’re there! 


     When we talk about Korea’s shopping districts, Myeongdong is sure to come to mind first, and for good reason. Myeongdong is filled with anything and everything you could think of shopping, be it clothes, street food, souvenirs, makeup, our even K-pop merchandise. Myeongdong also has just the right mix of high-end brands and affordable ones. 


     Gangnam is well-known for being a hub of high-end, expensive, and wildly popular brands, which makes it a place to visit if you have deep pockets. It’s also popular for being a place where everyone’s favorite Korean idols hang out, and that’s a plus for Gangnam in our books! 


     EHWA Shopping District is gaining more popularity with the rise of social media and travel blogs, but it’s still extremely underrated! If you envy the outfits of the local Korean girls you run into on the streets of Seoul, EWHA is where you’ll want to go. You’ll find the cutest and trendiest fashion items, and all for very, very affordable prices.

Express Bus Terminal

     You’re probably thinking, ‘Huh? Shopping at a bus terminal?’, and with the state our own country’s bus terminals are in, no wonder why. But in Korea, where public transportation is beautiful and thriving, bus terminals can be their own whole shopping districts. Similar to EWHA, the Express Bus Terminal is home to extremely cheap and trendy clothes, but also a lot of other stuff too, like home accessories, art, and whatnot.


     There’s plenty of reasons to visit Hongdae-- we have the talented buskers and dancers, for one, whose music and performances we get to enjoy while walking store to store in the shopping district. In Hongdae you’ll find your favorite clothing brands, like H&M and Uniqlo and Forever21, all just a few minutes walk away from each other, and there are also stores that sell trendy clothes, shoes, and accessories for cheap. There’s plenty of makeup and skincare brands around, too!


     Dongdaemun is home to so many stores for all different kinds of products, that it’s almost  overwhelming! Of course, the plus side is you’ll find everything you need right in one walkable area distance from each other, and all for affordable prices, too-- be it clothes, shoes, food, appliances, home accessories, and more.


     Have you ever dreamed of walking around Korea like a princess lost in time, wearing a hanbok in the midst of a bustling city? You can definitely do that in Insadong. With hanboks for rent every way you look, you can make your dream come true while you shop for what Insadong has to offer, the best of which is souvenirs that you can take home to your family and friends after your trip.

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