5 Places You Didn’t Know You Could Visit in Korea

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     With the Filipino’s growing interest (read: obsession) in the K-wave, South Korea has easily become one of the most popular vacation spots. Along with that comes the typical itinerary— visit the Han River, shop in Myeongdong, fly to Jeju, the common tourist spots. Korea, however, has more to it than meets the tourist's eye. Here are a few places your tour guide might miss but are definitely worth a visit.

Cheonggyecheon Stream

     While Han River will always be the most iconic body of water in South Korea, Cheonggyecheon certainly deserves its own recognition. Located in Jongno, Seoul, the underground stream is the calm in the midst of a bustling city. You can grab a cup of ramyeon or a bottle of soju from a nearby convenience store, go down to the stream, kick off your shoes, dip your feet in, and forget about your cares. It’s an even more special sight at night, which is when all the light displays and waterworks come out to play.

Ewha Women’s University Shopping Street

     You’ve surely heard of Korea’s many shopping districts, the most popular one being Myeongdong, which is admittedly a shopaholic’s haven. Unfortunately, it is not so easy on the wallet. The Ewha shopping district, on the other hand, is somewhere you can find all kinds of trendy clothes and shoes and cool trinkets at a cheap price. (Think ukay-ukay, but on steroids.) You’ll be getting a lot more stuff for your money than you will in Myeongdong, for sure.


     Seoul always seems to be hustling and bustling with busy people— locals going about their days, tourists milking every minute of their vacation, and Hongdae is no exception. The only difference is that, in addition to the display of storefronts, cafés and restaurants, and offices, Hongdae is also a display of pure talent. Young, old, local, tourist— everyone stops what they’re doing to watch the different acts spread around the area, whether it be groups dancing to popular songs, buskers playing their music, or singers singing covers of the latest releases. It’s simply something you have to experience.

Cafés and restaurants owned by K-idols

     It’s no secret that Korean idols like to invest in ventures outside of their careers, and fortunately for us, we can witness and experience most of those investments in the form of cafés and restaurants spread across the country. You can check out more about this and find out who owns what in this separate article we wrote for you: to be posted.

Places of shoots of famous Korean dramas

     Korean music isn’t the only thing shimmying its way into our daily routines— Korean drama has just as well become a part of our lives. And of course, where else will Korean dramas shoot the iconic scenes we’ve laughed at and cried over if not in South Korea? 

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