5 Bags for 5 Moods

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    Bags are one of the most versatile fashion items known to womankind. There’s one for every function, every occasion, every season, and there’s definitely one for every woman and her different moods!

Casual college chic

    We’ve all been a student at some point in our lives, living that shirt-and-jeans life, wearing the most practical (but still fashionable!) outfits for class. Even post-grad, some of us still feel like dressing this way sometimes. For that, we have backpacks, where there’s a compartment for everything you can think of, plus it’s easy to carry, and super cute to boot!

Our Kim Simple Backpack

    Kim is a good example of a good backpack, and it comes in both staple colors, black and white!

She’s the Boss

    Whether you’re a student, employed, or even unemployed, every woman feels like a boss every now and then. Empowered, sexy, walking tall and proud, and strong, the bag we decided to use on those days needs to reflect that, of course! And there’s nothing stronger and more fashionable than our Melanie Ribbon Keyring Convertible Handbag that just screams Bad Ass Mofo!

Fun and preppy

    On certain days, we feel especially fun, flirty, preppy, and colorful. Maybe it’s date day, or brunch day with the girlfriends, or just a normal day out, but the sun is especially bright and the skies especially clear and all the colors especially more striking, so why not radiate the same energy? Our sunny, classy, Blake Envelope Sling Bag is perfect for days like those.

Beach babe

    We all need to take a break from everything every once in a while, be it work, school, or just life in general. The weekdays are getting longer, and we deserve a beach day when we want it! Of course, you’ll have to bring a big and sturdy enough bag to put all your stuff in, your towel, swimsuit, extra change of clothes, among other things. Fortunately, this blue-and-white like the sky on a beach day, Leftfield Striped Backpack is just the thing.

Black like my soul

    Where there are fun and sunny days, there are dark and bleak days, and that’s totally normal and okay! Who says you have to be goth or emo to like a little black occasionally? (No one, because everyone loves black.) In any case, we got you with our black leather Emily Convertible Handbag!

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