10 Things You Need to Know About IU

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    IU is one of the great soloists South Korea has ever produced. She's practically the darling of the nation. Her fame reached a global scale and now she's coming to Manila for her Love, Poem concert.

    The locals have probably seen the news circulating the internet about IU's concert lasting for four hours. Yes, she tends to do that. And the large chunk of her performance is always just her singing effortlessly.

    But what makes IU so lovable?

    In case you're not a fan and you're just getting into her songs, here are some fun facts about IU.

Lee Ji Eun = IU

    Her real name is Lee Ji Eun and her stage name is IU. IU means "I and U", symbolizing the force of music that unifies people.

IU and Friends

    IU is friends with a lot of KPOP idols, musicians, artists, and celebrities. Some of her notable friends are Yoo In Na, T-ara-s Jiyeon, Bae Suzy, Apink's Eunji, and f(x)'s Sulli.

All Out Performance

    The four-hour live performance is not surprising for IU. We heard that that's how long her concerts usually last. It often comes to a point where she was already straining when near the end. But that's all the more reason to watch her concert. You can be sure to get what you paid for and more!

A Darling Through and Through


    On top of her being so beautiful and talented, she also has a kind heart. Just this year, IU attended a fan's graduation because she promised to do so the year before. It was such a simple gesture but it meant a lot.

    There are a lot of other stories showing how kindhearted she is in real life.

Source: Soompi

Nation's Little Sister


    IU is one of the few South Korean celebrities dubbed as the nation's little sister. She has a pure and innocent image, the charms of a little sister, but she also has a pure and kind heart that makes you feel protective of her.


    Nine years after her debut, IU finally gave a name to her fanbase, Uaena. “You”(U) is from English, “ae”(爱) is Sino-Korean for “love”, and “na”(나) is Korean for “me”. IU's fancafe used to be called Uaena and over time, IU fans were called uaenas.

Famous Collaborations

    IU has collaborated with a lot of other artists in the music industry. In her 2015 album, she collaborated with G-Dragon for the song "Palette".

Actress IU

    Aside from being a singer, IU has also delved into acting. Her most recent role is in Hotel Del Luna as Jang Man Wol, a vengeful person who was tied to the Moon Tree by Ma Go, a deity with so many personalities presented as her sisters.

    She also acted alongside Lee Jung Gi in Scarlet Heart Ryeo.

Famous IU Fans

    IU has a lot of celebrity fans. BTS Jungkook is a known IU fanboy and he's proud of it. Twice Nayeon is also a big fan and so do the rest of Twice.

From Zero to Everything

    IU came from humble beginnings and experienced rejections too. Her family lived in a cockroach-infested house. She was also rejected by JYP. But when the JYPE door closed on her, the Loen Entertainment opened. And the rest, they say, is history.

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  • kusum subba on

    im one of the biggest fan of IU… I love her sooo much. and since her birthday is coming soon im really very excited to celebrate her birthday. tho she doesnt even know i exist still gonna love her with all my heart … i just cant express my true feelings towards her( biggest fan Kusum)

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